2013 Sponsors

Updated: 08/31/13

Gold Dragon Sponsor

Ruby Dragon Sponsors

Pearl Dragon Sponsor

The County Compass Newspaper Bayboro

DowneastDestinations, Oriental, NC

Community Outreach Partners”

Military Triathalon

For Rickshaw Races

For Save the Dragons

Nautical Wheelers (think you have the picture from ads before)

The Kids Park Area

Marsha’ Cottage (think you have the picture from ads before

Community Outreach Partners”

Support of complete 21-person Dragon Boat teams

comprised of Marine, Navy, Coast Guard, and Boy Scout paddlers:

  • PotashCorp – Aurora: Sons of Sparta
  • PotashCorp – Aurora: Boy Scout Troop 683
  • Carolina East Health Systems: The SnapDragons
  • Denton Pharmacy/Croakertown: River Neuse Dragons
  • Yachtsman Sail and Canvas: Semper Spartans
  • Deaton Boatyards: Spartan Scudebuttes
  • Healthy Habits & County Compass: Vandemere FireFighters
  • Dr. John and Peggy Weinerth: Neuse Winds Freedom Riders

Citizens of Pamlico and Beaufort Counties

Community Outreach efforts by supporting individual Marines”

to be ‘embedded’ in non-military Dragon Boats:

  • Sherrill Styron of Garland Fulcher Seafood
  • Hiller Construction
  • Captain Jack and Lorraine Bobel
  • Dr. Bruce and Margaret King
  • Elissa Ermmarino
  • Carol and Wallace Jamerson

Other Community Logistical Support

Who provided Time, Effort and Equipment

Trader Construction http://www.traderconstruction.com/
Provided all the Generators for site at River Dunes

Will Flannery, Offshore Rafting of Oriental
Provided Chase Boat, Set Up and Orchestrated the Save The Dragon Race

Eric Kindle, EMT Services
Administered Medical Assistance to Attendees

Robbie Beal
Pulled Dragon Boats to River Dunes with the Boat and Helped to Set the Lanes for the Races

Oriental Dragon Boat Club
Loaned the boat as a back-up in the races

Pamlico Amateur Radio Society
Provided Radio Assistance in Critical Areas of the Events for Friday and Saturday
Friday 9:00- 12:00- Dragon Boat Time Trials
Start Line: Charlie Overcash, WA4GSI
Scoreboard:  Tom , K8TF
Finish Line: Jamie, KJ4JK/Susan, KI4NSS
Team Tents: Randy, K4WRD
Boat Marshalling Area : John, KB2NNC

1:30- 3:00  Rickshaw Races
Scorebard  Area: Jim,AI4WL
Finish Line: Lor,W3QA

On Saturday:9:30am -3:30/4:00pm
Dragon Boat Races,@ River Dunes-Grace Harbor
Start Line: Jamie,KJ4JK/ Susan,KI4NSS
Scoreboard Area : Tom, K8TF
Finish Line: Bill,KR4LO
Team Tents:  Ellie, KI4ELE
Marshalling Area:  Lor,W3QA

The Young Marines
Special Salute
Cherry Point branch
are as follows:

Sgt Jacob Sikes 15
LCpl Chase Davis 14 (will be 15 next month)
LCpl Lathon Whitlow 12
LCpl Caleb Wilson 12

Aurora PotAsh
Load of Reject for our Attendees to go throughstas

Greg Goodnight Fossil Master
Provided Instruction for those individuals
Looking for Shark’s teeth in our Large Mount of Reject
Hannah Rutherford “Queen of the Pile”
Finding the most teeth and a nice Mako tooth
Andrew Baker
Found a 3.5 “ Megaladon Toothj
Andrew Baker
Oriental Dragon Boat Club Members

Set-up and/or Took Down Tents
Marc Kaplan, Cindy Ellis, Irma Faye Maxbauer, Larry Summers, Flora Moorman, Jeff Aydelette, Richard Nelson, Laurie Sampson, Tana Twichell Jim Sherwood and Mary Stancil

Marshaling Area Registration of Teams
Cindy Ellis
Elizabeth Buckman
Sarah Goodnight
Sonja Leitzbach Herman

Friday Morning Vendor Set-Up And Street Control

Marc Kaplan
Stan Bryant

Manned the Kids Park
Hannah Rutherford
Sandie Beal

Marshalling Area for Teams into Boats
Tom Butner
Flora Moorman


Oriental Community Support 
Police Support
Dwyane ?

Yards provided for Team Activities or Camps In Oriental

River Neuse Suites in Oriental,
Kip Nikolas
June Tingle
Faye Bond
Lou Mac Park
Town Beach